Movement Screening- By using the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) along with other screening tools, I am able to get as much feedback as possible to find the source of pain. Looking at movement and asymmetries is the key to building the correct program and initiate the proper care.

Kinesiotaping- Case studies have shown kinesiotaping to be affective. This tape has adhesive properties that sticks to the skin and applies tension. The possible benefits of this tape include: pain and inflammation reduction, facilitation of a muscle or groups of muscles, and lowering fatigue.

Post Rehabilitation and Corrective Exercise- Immediately after rehab, the individual is independent. It is important to make sure that the exercises are continued and done properly along with adding in new progressions (or regressions) to continue to see progress. We need to continue to build efficient motor programs to potentially limit further future injury.

Functional Training- After imbalances are corrected and pain is managed, it is important to increase function for activities of daily living. It is vital to continue with strength and mobility workouts to build better movement and potentially limit further compensations and injury. 

Payment Method

Payment at time of service is required

We accept cash, check and most major credit cards

1 Hour Option

Initial visit

$175                  90 minutes

Each following visits

$135                 1 hour combination

Pricing Options

  • I will initiate a screen to address the client's issues
  • I will perform manual treatment to alleviate mobility problems
  • I will teach and implement corrective exercises to address stability problems

In Your Visit:


Injury Prevention-  Previous injury and asymmetries within the body lead to an imbalance in the body which can develop into stability and mobility problems. Most injuries happen because of overusing a part of the body improperly. Fixing these issues can help prevent further injuries from ocurring.

Manual Therapy- Using cross fiber friction, active release, myofascial release, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, cupping, PNF stretching, and dynamic mobility work, function can be restored around the joint and soft tissues. This allows the body to function how it was designed to move. Restoring mobility is the first step, followed by stability.

Fischer Health & Wellness 

Pain Management- Rather in an acute or chronic state of pain, the goal is to limit the symptoms and restore function. Some modalities that can help with this are: manual therapy, kinesiotaping, mobility work, and strength training.