"When i came to Brian i was suffering from an imbalance in my shoulders which was causing me pain. He quickly assessed my symptoms and began to teach me how to use my muscles properly so that i could get rid of the pain and bring some balance back to my muscles. Brian is always professional, knowledgable, and focused on getting YOU better. He has a genuine passion for his work that is hard to find and makes his results orientated while providing the best possible customer service. If you have some pain, questions, or just don't know where to start he will be able to help out and set you up for future success. Give him a call!"

-Cameron B.


"I have gotten worked on by Brian.  Additionally Brian has helped and coached my wife.  We both feel that he has an open mind and a passion for overall health and fitness.  He recommends effective exercise and things outside of his sessions as well.  I would highly recommend him to anybody who has any injury or who requires maintenance work from their sports activities."

​-​Mike S.

"I want to thank Brian so much for helping me with our training sessions.  At my age ( 45 ) it's very important to be flexible....which will allow me to potentially avoid injuries while being active.  I had no idea how "tight" my body was. I've been doing the corrective exercises that Brian showed me and I can see the improvement.  Everyone, regardless of age would benefit from working with Brian.  My body feels as loose and limber as it ever was."  
                                          -Stephen T.

"Brian made a big difference in my life. In 2012 I had a leg/ankle injury and finished my time in physical therapy. However nobody really helped me in assisting me in my pain and control over my injured area. I have now been shown what superior performance is in the medical/recovery profession. Brian taught me how to use my body correctly again despite the deficits in my leg and foot. His ability to teach me proper mechanics has helped immensely. Brian is very skilled in the post rehab treatment and pain management. In addition to being very talented, he is kind, patient, and inspires that change can take place and that hard work will be rewarded."

-David E.

"I started working with Brian to rehab my foot after bunion surgery. He was able to help me get my strength back and correct some other problems I had. Since then, I've been seeing him weekly and the results have been outstanding."
                              -Janice B.

"I have used Brian for massage treatments when dealing with issues in my hip, back and generally all over. Brian makes it easy to feel comfortable, even when in pain. I always come away from his treatments feeling better than before and am happy to have him as someone I can trust with the knowledge that he has for massage and training. He also gives me exercises or stretches to do between sessions. I would recommend Brian to my friends for training, massage, rehab etc. He is one of the best around and his knowledge in training, massage and rehab in different areas helps out when he is working with me."

-Margo L.

"Through manual therapy and corrective exercise, Brian helped me recover from a herniated disc and other injuries sustained over a career as an Army Green Beret. I can now train and live day to day, with improved mobility, quality of life, and hardly any pain."

-Alex H.

"I have been working with Brian for two years to improve my balance, strength and flexibility.  As a senior, my major objective s to improve and maintain my posture.
Brian listened to my concerns and then successfully addressed them with the exercises that have strengthened my whole body, with concentration on core muscles, hips muscles and back 
muscles and glutes. When I am not able to execute an exercise correctly, he stops me and gives an exercise to strengthen the weak muscles.  Only after the weak areas are strengthened does 
Brian go back to the original exercise. Brian immediately gave me exercises to do each day to strengthen my back.  I have found that the daily exercises are key to my progress.  If I slack off, it shows. After planting a vegetable garden, my sciatica was acting up.  An hour of exercise and therapeutic massage with Brian and the sciatica was gone.  Brian knew exactly what to do to calm the nerve and relax the muscles!I have found Brian to be affable, honest and well educated in the field of physical fitness."
                                           -Beth B.

"I just wanted to let you know how incredibly happy I've been with Brian Fischer and his workouts. He is wonderful. He always came well prepared, full of energy, happy and with lots of different, relevant and fun exercises. He was always encouraging and positive and a joy to work with.  I am glad that I had the opportunity to work with Brian I will be sure to recommend Brian to friends. "
​                                            -Sumaia T.

"I felt Brian's attention to my specific needs really paid off.  The shoulder pain that I was dealing with at the beginning of my work with Brian has all but disappeared thanks to the strengthening exercises.  His massaging of my foot to help me cope with some discomfort there was also a bonus.  I have better upper body strength and tone, and I'm glad to have learned exercises I can use at home as well."
                                   -Amy A.

Fischer Health & Wellness